Paula Peril – The new Lois Lane


9 responses to “Paula Peril – The new Lois Lane

  1. Paula certainly does get herself in many perilous situations. But I thought you were the new Lois Lane?

  2. Dear Christy,

    Would love to tie you up in any of these outfits! Particularly like the satin blouses though with long skirts. Why not email me at to find out more of the peril you might be exposed to!

    Kind Regards


  3. Hey RW! I might just do that! Sorry for the late response!

  4. Hey, Christy! Sorry I took so long to find your new blog! LOVE IT!!! I too am a BIG FAN of Paula Peril! (AND of YOU TOO; LOVELY LADY!;-) And I even chat with her (OK, whomever is really behind her persona) on facebook! I have given her a few ideas for good perils for Ms. Peril to get into! And who knows; maybe she’ll even put some of them in one of her stories one day!

    Anyway; just wanted to say I love your blog; and I hope you are doing great (and are BOUND AND GAGGED OFTEN!;-) There are certainly quite a FEW nice perils I’d love to see you in! Quicksand being one! Have you ever been in quicksand before? If so; tell me about it!

    Love to chat sometime!


  5. Hi Ben! I’m so happy you like Paula as much as me and I’m also glad you like my blog. I LOVE sinking in quicksand! I also like drowning. I had a story I wrote on here about an experience I had one time. Like I said, I love drowning so one fall day, I drove my jeep to an isolated lake with an old dock. I was dressed in a nice fall outfit – long wool plaid skirt, blouse, vest, long wool coat, boots and gloves. I jumped into the water and swam out to the middle where I started to “pretend” I was drowning. I realized I was getting tired so I started to swim back. The weight of my clothes and me being tired as cause me to start to drown for real!! I started yelling out for help but there was no one around!! I made it back to the dock later though but it was close. I was even under the water for a while with my arms reaching for something to grab on to!! I was so scared!! But it was a thrill!!

    Let’s talk sometime!! I would love to hear about your quicksand perils for me!!

    Take care!

  6. Yes; I would LOVE to talk to you Christy! Name the time; and I’m THERE! Have you had any real life quicksand experiences? If so; I’d sure love to hear about them! Hope to chat soon!



  7. Hi Ben! Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. How do I get in touch with you so we can have some quicksand fun!! I would love to be tied and gagged, thrown into quicksand where I slowly sink to my doom. The whole time, I’m struggling to get free, the quicksand is quickly rising, soon to suck my under!!
    Will you save me or watch me sink into the murky quicksand??!! HELP!!

  8. Christy; I’ll send you my e-mail addy and we can exchange contact info if you like! As to whether or not I’ll RESCUE you; well; you’ll FIND OUT… LATER!!!!! 😉

  9. What’s your favorite Paula story? I wrote a few mini episodes for the character over the past year. Would love some feedback.

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